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挑战迪士尼与华纳兄弟 亚马逊与出版界的最新战役|亚博全站APP登录官网,亚博全站官网登录平台,亚博全站最新版app下载


Where pricing is concerned, there’s Amazon, and then there’s everyone else.只要牵涉到定价问题,就一定有亚马逊(Amazon),和它搅起的满城风雨。


本文摘要:Where pricing is concerned, there’s Amazon, and then there’s everyone else.只要牵涉到定价问题,就一定有亚马逊(Amazon),和它搅起的满城风雨。


Where pricing is concerned, there’s Amazon, and then there’s everyone else.只要牵涉到定价问题,就一定有亚马逊(Amazon),和它搅起的满城风雨。From Stephen King to Disney, Warner Brothers to Bonnier publishing, the e-commerce giant has waged battle against countless parties this year, all in an attempt—at least, that’s how it appears—to have the final word on low prices.这家电子商务巨头今年早已向无数人发动挑战,从史蒂夫o金(Stephen King)到迪士尼(Disney),从华纳兄弟(Warner Brothers)到邦尼出版发行集团(Bonnier),其目的只有一个,就是掌控低价的最后话语权。Below, a tally of Amazon’s recent brouhahas.以下就是亚马逊最近的斗争史。Amazon vs. Bonnier亚马逊对阵邦尼集团Hachette isn’t the only book publisher to feel Amazon’s wrath. This week, more than 1,000 writers under the Sweden-based Bonnier Group (including noted Noble Prize winner Elfriede Jelinek) signed an open letter to Amazon accusing the company of manipulating its online recommendation lists, lying about the availability of books and delaying the shipment of customers’ orders, all as a way to negotiate bigger discounts with the Sweden-based publisher.阿歇特并不是唯一一家被亚马逊激怒的图书出版发行公司。


本周,瑞典传媒公司邦尼集团(Bonnier Group)旗下的1,000余名作者(其中还有知名的诺贝尔文学奖获得者艾尔弗雷德o耶利内克)联合签订了一封公开信,指控亚马逊公司为操控其网站的引荐榜单,谎报图书库存情况,以及推迟消费者的图书订单销售时间,而这一切都是为了向这家瑞典出版商索取更好的优惠。“Amazon’s customers have, until now, had the impression that these lists are not manipulated and they could trust Amazon,” reads the letter. “Apparently that is not the case.”“目前为止,亚马逊的客户仍然实在这些引荐列表并没受到人为操控,也实在可以信任亚马逊,”公开信中写到,“不过实情似乎不是这样的。


”The battle began in May when the authors first noticed delays in the availability of their works, prompting Bonnier to reveal that it was in the midst of negotiations with Amazon.这场明争暗斗开始于今年5月,当时这些作者们头一次注意到他们的作品被亚马逊延期销售,这才促成邦尼集团对外透露正在与亚马逊进行谈判的事情。Status of negotiations: Ongoing谈判状态:展开中Amazon vs. Disney亚马逊对阵迪士尼Fans of Maleficent, the summer film starring Angelina Jolie, must look elsewhere to pre-order it on DVD, thanks to a spat between Amazon and the Walt Disney Co. over—you guessed it —pricing.安吉丽娜o朱莉主演的大片《深渊魔咒》(Maleficent)在暑期热映,然而影迷们被迫找寻其他途径预售这部影片的DVD,原因某种程度也是因为亚马逊与迪斯尼公司间的纷争——你猜中得到底,还是定价问题。


Fallout from the companies hard-nosed negotiations also extends to other popular titles, including big-budget superhero flicks Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy. (Conveniently, pre-orders for digital versions of the same films remain available via Amazon’s instant video service.)这场谈判硬仗的不良影响还波及到了其他卖座大片,看起来大制作的超级英雄大片《美国队长2:冬日战士》(Captain America: The Winter Soldier)以及《银河护卫队》(Guardians of the Galaxy)。(好在,这些影片的电子版仍可通过亚马逊的即时视频服务展开预约。)“Amazon is looking to get a price break—we think—from all of the studios,” Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter told Bloomberg TV in an interview earlier this August. “Disney is not budging, and Amazon is fighting back by saying, ‘Fine, your new movies aren’t going to show up as pre-orders on our site.’“我们猜中,亚马逊是期望从所有的影视工作室取得价格优惠,”韦德布什证券(Wedbush Securities)分析师迈克尔o帕切在8月初拒绝接受彭博财经(Bloomberg TV)的专访时分析道,“迪士尼不愿妥协,亚马逊就还击说道,‘行,那你们的新电影就别想要在我们网站上拒绝接受预约了。

’”Status of negotiations: Ongoing谈判状态:展开中Amazon vs. Warner Brothers亚马逊对阵华纳兄弟From mid-May to late June this year, Amazon removed the ability for customers to pre-order DVD versions of Warner Bros. titles such as The Lego Movie and 300: Rise of an Empire while the two companies hashed out a new distribution deal. The companies never formally announced a resolution—its a private matter, they say—but reports on June 24 indicated that they were close enough that customers could place pre-orders once again.今年5月中旬到6月下旬期间,亚马逊中止了客户预约华纳兄弟(Warner Bros)出品的电影DVD渠道,例如《艺矮小电影》(The Lego Movie)和《300勇士:帝国兴起》(300: Rise of an Empire),但两家公司旋即达成协议了新的经销协议。虽然他们未曾月宣告解决方案——公司的宣传口径称之为此为偷窥事件——但6月24日的报导指出,双方早已基本达成协议,客户又可以开始预约了。

Shoppers noticed the interruption. “Im definitely going elsewhere for this,” wrote an irked Amazon.com user by the name of John A. “I guess I can thank Amazon for steering me back towards brick and mortar stores—Ive had mixed feelings about their demise.”有顾客注意到了此次预约服务的中断。“我认同不会去别的地方卖,”一位所写John A的亚马逊用户生气地写到,“我想要我该感激亚马逊让我返回了传统的实体店——对于传统书店的消失,我心里本来就五味陈杂。